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Sarah Harding



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An Independent Living Senior Retirement Community

Celebrating 60 Years


At Sarah Harding, we focus on our “family” by providing a safe and caring environment which includes exceptional meals, good neighbors and a calendar jam-packed with activities. We share stories. We laugh. We enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow.

So What are you waiting for?


Over the years you've looked out for every detail in your life and made sure things were done. Now is the time to reward yourself, to make living a little easier, and to do what you want, when you want to. Sarah Harding is an independent living facility where people can enjoy life without the burdens of lawn care, house cleaning, food preparation, and safety concerns. Please browse through our website to learn about the advantages of living at Sarah Harding.

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If you would like to arrange a tour of Sarah Harding and enjoy a free meal with us in our friendly, safe, affordable, beautiful, clean, peaceful, and carefree facility., call the number listed below one day in advance for your reservation to experience first-hand the Sarah Harding Touch!